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Massage Treatments

Massage is a technique of physical hands on muscle stimulation with a goal of relaxing the muscle, assisting recovery or damaged muscle tissue and improving circulation through the muscle.

Sports massage specifically incorporates deep tissue therapy and stretching techniques and is seen as a vital part of rehabilitation following muscles injuries (sporting or otherwise) or chronic tension.

Deep stones massage is a specialised treatment that utilises the smooth stones as tool for getting deep into the muscle tissue easier, ironically making it less painful even though it goes deeper.  The stones can be heated to aid relaxation or improved blood flow, but Rachel often prefers to use them cold, especially with acute muscle injuries that are associated with inflammation.

Meet the Massage Therapist


At the Battlefield Chiropractic clinic massage is performed by Rachel Paisley who specialises in both sports and deep stone massage. 


Appointments are 1hour 15 minutes long to allow you a full 1-hour of massage therapy. Other days will be available in the future. If you are looking for a longer appointment time, let us know and we will try and accommodate you.

1.45-19.45 (University)
1.45-17.30 (University)


We accept all forms of payment except for American Express.

Additional for the use of hot stones