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We accept all forms of payment except for American Express.

Special Package

10 treatments for the price of 8

“We offer this package to encourage patients to get a more complete course of treatment. As an experience chiropractor I have seen far too many patients receive a few treatments, feel an improvement and stop their care, I fully appreciate this is your choice and prerogative but it does not always allow enough time to recover, nor does it allow us to start preventative rehabilitation, which is the key to complete recovery. I strongly recommend you take advantage of this special package”

Ben Chambers – Chiropractor

Standard Fees

Please note your first 2 appointments need to be double appointments.  The first so we can complete a thorough history and assessment. The second so we can fully explain your condition and give advice and recommend exercises. Both the first and second appointment include a treatment assuming it is safe and appropriate to do so.

Double appointment (30-40 minutes)
Single appointment (15 - 20 minutes)
Seniors (60 and over)
Students (student ID required)
Children (18 and under)